After Cremation Funeral Services

After Cremation, INFINIT Funeral Services lets travel and deposite -or spreading- your cinders -cremains- at any place all over the world.  From the highest mountains, from a plane or balloon, from a ship, at a river flowing, into a space-craft, ... at the artic, at the ocean or sea bottom, ...


INFINIT -the returning back to your native countriside-

INFINIT turns into real your last volition. 

The cheapest and most easy way for returning to your origin after death, is to rely on INFINIT professional funeral services. 


INFINIT performs strictly and with highest dignity your last desire.


Why Cremation after death ?


During world history, almost only human have provided worship to death in accordance to their different religions or traditions. The different world civilisations, from the far prehistory, have improved cremation as the most usual system for treating human rests after death.


Only Christianism, in Europe, has aboslished this system from the IVth to the XXth Centuries, otherwise Budism or Hinduism have based all their death cult on cremation. Finally the IInd. Vatican’s Council in 1964 has considered cremation as a normal and commendable funeral practice.


Nowadays, East countries provides 100% cremation, while central and north Europe percentage is about 65%. Mediterranean countries are in a continuously growing range higher than 8%.


All over the world, cremation is today considered as the most hygienic and aseptic funeral technique.


...and after Cremation ?


INFINIT offers you the complementary and final services after cremation. INFINIT lets travel or depposite your cremains anywhere all over the world, according to your last volition or your family final desires.

Cremains should be spreaded or depposited in your original countyside, in your far borning country; or anywhere you should have enjoyed during your live, from the highest mountain top to the ocean’s bottom, in the sea, in the air, in the space... without no geographical limitations.


INFINIT will play all the technical and human media to provide your requirements for your cremains, with the total intimity, dignity and solemnity as this important moment needs. Your family and your friends, as they prefer, should be presents and participate at this emotive moment.



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