Our staff

A professional, self motivated and friendly staff team make us sure you will enjoy completely your journey.



David Ibañez

University Degree on Sport and fitness science

Managing director

Would not be strange to meet David running or cycling throughtout Pyrenes mountains and Costa Brava paths any time, any season, any day... that is his natural ambiance. Feel sure and friendly joining him during your active holiday journey.

John Cortez

Logistics and services manager

Behind every program and journey there is a complexe gear machinery running to satisfy and getting sure our customers : transportation, luggages, catering, testing accomodations, ...  Joan is the responsable.






CEO, founder

Someone has to think about improving new programs, quality tests to ameliorate our services, new marketing formulas to sell our products, visiting fairs and travel operators to final convince them about our experience and good skills... Jordi's matter. Expert driver and adventurer participating on Rally Dakar 2005 and 2008, and Baja Spain challenge.

Rosa M Mallart

Our expert cooker for outdoor catering services during trips and also during meetings and corporate events. Responsible for our division Arrossades World Catering

Peter Pla

Our experienced airplane pilot, world adventurer. Experience with him flights and sky adventures over Catalonia.

Mikel Massallera

Our expert balloon pilot. Watch up to find him overfliying our land.

Eduard Bosch

Our expert active sports and activities.

Pep Busquets

Our off road expert driver. Being the first handicaped finishing Rally Dakar on 2000 edition, he participated also on 2006 and 2007 editions. Enjoy 4WD experiences with him if you choose our off road programs, training courses and tests.

Moises Taboada

Rely on Moises work all the logistics, transportations, bus and coach services, hard tasks, ...

Our commercial and customers care staff

Rally Barcelona Dakar 2005 : Tornasol team sponsored by Saunier Duval
Tornasol Aventura Staff
Rally Lisboa Dakar 2008 Team